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mythornsareofsteel asked: "Asami and Sansa Stark."


She’s the best character in the whole series, I s2g. Not only does she help the Fire Ferrets get into the championship, she’s a legitimately sweet girlfriend to Mako and a good friend to Bolin and Korra. Oh yeah did I mention that even though fandom loves to pit them against each other, ASAMI REALLY LIKES KORRA. She only gets angry with her when Korra accuses her father of being an Equalist and who the hell wouldn’t get mad at her for that? Mako’s gotten mad at her for way less.

And even after sticking up for her father, the second she finds out the truth SHE SHOCKS HER FATHER WITH AN EQUALIST GLOVE AND TAKES HIM THE FUCK DOWN. Any theories about her secretly being an Equalist should have ended right there but apparently fandom likes to keep hating.

And then she helped give Korra encouragement when she was feeling down, and they kicked ass as the new Team Avatar. And even though she got hurt and betrayed when the truth about the kiss came out, she not only continued to help rescue Korra, but when the smoke cleared, she directed her anger at Mako and Mako alone.

Oh and she used her own car as a weapon against the Equalist tanks and even drove one herself to sabotage the Equalist weapons, and even BATTLED HER OWN FATHER. Girl is fierce.

Oh and she demonstrates that being a total asskicker and engaging in aspects of traditional femininity aren’t mutually exclusive. She’s totally glamorous and totally badass, and they’re both equally valid parts of her identity.

I only have one message for the people who refuse to see what an amazing person she is:

As for Sansa, I like her because she shows us you can be a strong character without swinging a sword around simply by showing courage in a hostile situation. She seriously has to be on edge 24 hours a day because she’s behind enemy lines with barely any hope of rescue. But even though she’s terrified out of her fucking mind, she still manages to deliver some killer one-liners, like when Joffrey tells her he’ll bring her Robb’s head:

"Or maybe he’ll bring me yours."


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