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They just traded hair i jsut

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“I know what this is. Every day, for as long as I can remember, my father has left every morning and he’s put a badge on his chest and strapped a gun to his hip. And every day, for as long as I can remember I haven’t known if he was gonna make it home.

I loved their awkward romance. It was so very accurate of being a teenager and I loved it.

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based on this

Seems legit

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Texts From Superheroes - Best of 2012

To ring in the new year here are our top 6 posts from 2012, with more to come in 2013!

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You can always count on Peter to diffuse tense situations


You can always count on Peter to diffuse tense situations

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#see this is why i love this peter so much #he’s saving the world #but he’s also just a teenager #a teenager with teenage problems like getting groceries and wooing his girl #and you never forget that #you see him doing all these scary and heroic things and you’re just amazed because he’s not some buffed up fighting machine #he’s a kid who got bitten by a spider and lost his uncle #and he’s trying to do the right thing

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#hey avengers fandom #aunt may exists #and she’s gr8

#aunt may and uncle ben is the main reason i don’t really like superfamily all that much #like some of the art and comics is cute and all #but peter wouldn’t be who he is without his aunt and uncle

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